• Progenex More Muscle Hydrolyzed Whey Protein 10 Satchels - Post Workout


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    There are only 2 items left in stock.
    There are only 2 items left in stock.
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    Start Your Day Right And Achieve Your Best Body Composition Ever 

    LIFT MORE;  Targets Type II muscle fibres for SIGNIFICANT SIZE & STRENGTH GAIN.

    BUILD MORE; Feed muscle, not fat and achieve YOUR BEST BODY COMPOSITION EVER

    BURN MORE; Boost your metabolic rate, so you BURN MORE ENERGY, even after training

    BCAA’s - Full 20 percent more BCAAs and leucine than regular whey protein isolate. The amount of BCAAs is carefully calibrated, as the leucine content of whole proteins is directly related to how much protein your body will integrate into muscle.  This synergistic combination cannot be replicated by simply adding extra leucine.

    No uncomfortable bloated stomach – Hydrolyzed 100% Whey Protein Isolate broken down enzymatically into tiny peptide sequences (di and tri peptides), predigested for rapid absorption into the blood stream delivered to your muscles in a matter of minutes. 

    • 10 Satchel Box - Over 30g protein at only 170 calories for lean muscle growth. All natural flavours, tastes awesome..
    • Every Day - Kick start your muscle metabolism first thing in the morning or between meals to optimize athletic performance.
    • Gluten Free
    • SERVINGS PER SATCHEL: 30 servings