• Progenex Build Natural Carbohydrate Source 10 Satchel Box- During Workout



    Optimize your energy levels during high intensity workouts so that you can go harder and longer.

    PROGENEX Build is two natural carbohydrate sources - honey and sweet potato powder. Honey a simple sugar that will be delivered quickly into the muscle by the peptides, while Sweet Potato powder contains long chain carbohydrate polymers providing sustained energy. This provides two methods for glucose to enter the blood stream and delivers optimal glycemic index throughout your workout.
    • EngineX™ combines Fenugreek in a peptone carrier to ensure quick clearance of blood sugar from our all natural carbohydrates source into your muscles.
    • Shuttle™ is a glycemic index lowering peptide that optimizes blood sugar delivery for sustained energy.
    • All-natural carbohydrate sources, honey and sweet potato powder, provide the best combination of simple and complex carbs to power your workout.
    • Use an hour pre-workout - 2 scoops in 250ml of water and/or post workout mixed with Progenex Recovery.