• Jabra Sport Pulse BT Wireless In-ear Heart Rate monitor

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    Your all-in-one training solution with a built-in heart rate monitor. Made towards US Military standards, it’s sure to withstand even the hardest workout. Get immersive Dolby® sound and real-time voice coaching that helps you reach your goals. Cut the wires and enjoy true freedom of movement.

    Perfect for:

    1.  Outdoor training
    2.  Training optimization
    3.  Exercise planning

    In-ear heart rate monitor

    Understanding your heart rate is now as simple as putting on your headphones.

    Jabra’s next generation of heart rate monitoring technology measures your heart rate via your inner ear. They’re the only earbuds proven to deliver clinical-grade accuracy.

    Sport Pulse ensures you always train at the right intensity level to improve your performance.

    Built for intense workouts

    Built towards US military rain, shock, sand and dust standards.

    ”Quite simply Pulse has the best fitting sports earbuds we’ve ever worn. We defy you to shake them out”

    Free your workout with immersive wireless sound

    Exercise is about breaking free, so why let wires hold you back? Get fired-up by your favorite songs with immersive Dolby® sound. Control music playback, volume and take calls with a quick tap on the earbuds.


    Jabra's Sport Life™ app: Jabra Sport Pace is more than just music motivation; it’s a training guide. The integrated training app, Jabra Sport Life app, gives you motivational training tips and lets you plan, monitor and evaluate your training.

    Plan your workout: Set personal goals based on distance, time, or calories burned. You can select a target pace or set up interval training. The app will keep you updated with audio coaching.

    Monitor your workout: Make the most out of each session with real-time audio coaching. You get automatic coaching tips at specified time and distance intervals. You can also hit the button on the left earbud to get instant updates at any time.

    Evaluate your work: Capture key stats like time, pace, distance, and calories burned and see your route on a map. A comprehensive workout history and achievements page puts your workout data instantly at your fingertips.

    Measure your fitness level: Test and track your overall fitness through three sophisticated fitness tests that provide deep insight into your true fitness level:

    • The Rockport Test is designed to measure your VO2 max level, which gives you a precise measurement on the volume of oxygen you can consume while exercising at your maximum capacity and guidance on how well it rates against your age, weight, and gender.
    • The Orthostatic Heart Rate Test monitors your current state and helps you understand if you’re overtraining or under stress.
    • The Resting Heart Rate Test is a great way to understand your base fitness level. Over time you can see how your resting heart level is trending.

    What's in the box:

    • Sport Pace Earset
    • 3 x Sets of EarGels
    • 1 x FitClip
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x Quick Start Guide
    • 1 x Warranty Leaflet
    • 1 x Warning Leaflet
    • 1 x Registration Leaflet